Niall Sherry

Niall Sherry is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. He is a former Debates Convenor for the Hist, and Convenor of the Irish Mace 2011-12

Debating Success

Winner Irish Times Debating Competition 2010 (Partner, Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin)
Winner HWS Round Robin 2010 (Partner, Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin)
Winner Cork Invitational 2010 (Partner, Muireann O'Dwyer)
Winner Kingsmill-Moore Invitational 2011 (Partner, Catherine Murphy)
Winner Galway Open 2012 (Partner, John Beechinor)
Finalist Irish Mace 2010 (Partner, Kate Brady)
Finalist Irish Mace 2009 (Partner, Anne Byrne)
Finalist UCD IV 2009 (Partner, Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin)
Finalist Cork IV 2009 (Partner, Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin)
Finalist Maynooth Open 2011 (Partner, Ceile Varley)
Finalist Maynooth Open 2012 (Partner, Liam O'Neill)
Finalist Limerick Open 2008 (Partner, Anne Byrne)
Semi-Finalist Galway Open 2011 (Partner, Stephen Egan)
Semi-Finalist Galway Open 2010 (Partner, James Fagan)
Semi-Finalist DCU Open 2011 (Partner, Emer Duffy)
Semi-Finalist Cambridge IV 2009 (Partner, Catherine Murphy)
Semi-Finalist Durham Open 2011 (Partner, Muireann O'Dwyer)
Semi-Finalist Newcastle Mixed Doubles 2010 (Partner, Cliona Ashe)

External Judging

Chief Adjudicator
DCU Open 2012
Limerick Open 2011
Cork Invitational 2011

Final Judge
Cork IV 2011, 2010
UCD IV 2011
Limerick Open 2012
Edinburgh Open 2011
National Maidens 2012, 2009
Kingsmill-Moore Invitational 2012, 2009

Semi-Final Judge
Trinity IV 2011
Irish Times 2012, 2011
Irish Mace 2011

Quarter-Final Judge
EUDC Main Break 2011

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