Ucd Novice IV

The UCD Novice IV takes place as the first competitive intervarsity on the Irish circuit each year. It is solely for speakers in their first year of university debaters.

++UCD Novice IV 2012

Convener: Michael O'Dwyer
Chief Adjudicator: John Engle

Winners: Stephen Stack and Hugh Guidera (TCD Hist)

UCD Novice IV 2011

Round 1 - Ban the Wearing of the Niqab
Round 2 - Give Parents Extra Votes to Exercise on Behalf of Their Children
Round 3 - Require the Unemployed to Perform Menial Tasks

Semi-Final: Set Up EU Standing Army
Final: Replace Judges with a Board of Qualified Psychologists

Semi-Final 2:
First Proposition - Michael Coleman and John Prasifka (TCD Hist)
First Opposition - Hugh Keenan and William Dunne (TCD Hist)
Second Proposition - Michael Foley and Peter Murphy (UCD L&H)
Second Opposition - (Unknown) and Ben Butler (TCD Hist)

First Proposition - Meghna Dolakia and Peter Gowan (TCD Phil)
First Opposition - Benedikt Gohmann and Colm Fitzpatrick (DCU)
Second Proposition - Michael Foley and Peter Murphy (UCD L&H)
Second Opposition - John Prasifka and Michael Coleman (TCD Hist)

Winners: Michael Foley and Peter Murphy (UCD L&H)

UCD Novice IV 2010

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Winners: Tara O'Halloran and Davey Jones (TCD Phil/UCC Philosoph)*

*Ordinarily, composite teams are not elegible to compete at IVs, but this policy is laxened at smaller competitions such the Novice IV; both speakers had had partners pull out on them, so they were paired together, as were what become another swing team. The winners broke 10th, with one breaking team having left by that stage, while another was a dummy team, so therefore was truly inelegible!

UCD Novice IV 2009

Opening Government: Jesse Harrington & Aaron Vickery (UCC Philosoph)
Opening Opposition: Sophie Scanall & Gearoid Wrixton (UCC Philosoph)
Closing Government: Liam O'Neill & Manus Lenihan (TCD Hist)
Closing opposition: David Byrne and Ríán Derrig (TCD Hist)

Winners: David Byrne and Ríán Derrig

UCD Novice IV 2006

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