Irish National Maidens Competition

The Irish National Maidens Competition is an individual speaking competition for speakers in their first year of university debating.

Irish National Maidens 2014 (TCD)

Conveners: Hugh Guidera, Ronán O'Conner and Oisín Coulter
Chief Adjudicators: Ceile Varley, Maurice Cotter and Ian Curren
Tabmaster: Lorcan O'Neill


Round 1: THW ban commercial surrogacy
Round 2: THW give up the search for extraterrestrial life
Round 3 (Pre-Released Motion): This House would welcome a political union of Latin American states based on the ideals of the Bolivarian revolution
Round 4: THBT arists gain no additional responsibilities by virtue of becoming famous
Round 5: THW make ratification of peace agreements conditional on approval by a popular vote of women affected by the conflict

Semi-Final: TH is an individiual police officer, in a country with a functioning democracy and judicial system. THW use extra legal action in the investigation and apprehension of serious criminals
Final: Info Slide - A pill exists that causes protection from all STDs, completely effective and irreversible birth control, unlimited libido and a generally feeling of well being. THW take the pill

1st Proposition - Kelly Doherty (UCC Philospoh)
1st Opposition - Eoin O'Gorman (TCD Phil)
2nd Proposition - Paul O'Dwyer (UCD L&H)
2nd Opposition - Catriona O'Brien (TCD Hist)
3rd Proposition - Conan Quinn (TCD Hist)
3rd Opposition - Peader Flood (UCD L&Hl)

Winner: Kelly Doherty (UCC Philospoh)
Runner-Up: Conan Quinn (TCD Hist)


Irish National Maidens 2013 (UL)

Conveners: Sarah Guerin and Stephanie Howard
Chief Adjudicators: Kate Oliver, Gearóid Wrixon and Stephen Egan
Tabmaster: Lorcan O'Neill


Round 1: Democratically Elect the New Pope
Round 2: Introduce Racial Quotas in TV Shows
Round 3 (Pre-Released Motion): Something Something Extradition
Round 4: Genetically Modify Soldiers
Round 5: Prosecute Perpetrators of Domestic Violence, Regardless of the Consent of the Victim

Semi-Final: Die For a Cause
Final: Feminists Should Not Celebrate Traditional, Stay-at-Home Motherhood

1st Proposition - Ludivine Rebet (TCD Phil)
1st Opposition - Clare Ní Cheallaigh (TCD Phil)
2nd Proposition - Rachel Graham (TCD Hist)
2nd Opposition - Oswald Barton (TCD Hist)
3rd Proposition - Hugh Guidera (TCD Hist)
3rd Opposition - Liam Hunt (TCD Phil)

Winner: Rachel Graham (TCD Hist)
Runner-Up: Hugh Guidera (TCD Hist)


Irish National Maidens 2012 (UCC)

Conveners: Davy Jones (Philosoph) and Aisling Ryan (Law)
Chief Adjudicator: Seán Butler
Deputy Chief Adjudicators: David Hartery and Sally Rooney
Tabmaster: (Unknown)


Round 1: THW not hire workers from the developing world.
Round 2: THW Ban Research into Psychological, Intellectual or Emotional Differences Between the Sexes
Round 3 (Pre-Released Motion): THB International Law Should Recognise the Right of Each State to Unilaterally Undertake Armed Humanitarian Intervention
Round 4: THW not have children
Round 5: THB that women and minorities should disobey the law.

Semi-Final: A Pill exists that ensures "moral behavior" THW Ban the morality pill.
Final: THW not commemorate the war-dead.

1st Prop - Briony Somers (TCD Hist)
1st Opp - Naoise Dolan (TCD Phil)
2nd Prop - Lucy Jones (UCC Philosoph)
2nd Opp - Michael Coleman (TCD Hist)
3rd Prop - Helen Lawless (UCD L&H)
3rd Opp - William Dunne (TCD Hist)

Winner: Michael Coleman (TCD Hist)
Runner-Up - William Dunne (TCD Hist)


Irish National Maidens 2011 (UCD)

Winner John Doody (TCD Hist)
Runner-UP Sally Rooney (TCD Hist)

Irish National Maidens 2010 (NUIG)

1st Prop - Max Sullivan (TCD Hist)
1st Opp - Francis McNamara (UCD LawSoc)
2nd Prop - Gearoid Wrixton (UCC Philosoph)
2nd Opp - Rían Derrig (TCD Hist)
3rd Prop - Aaron Vickery (UCC)
3rd Opp - Manus Lenihan (TCD Hist)

Winner Max Sullivan (TCD Hist)
Runner-Up Manus Lenihan (TCD Hist)

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Irish National Maidens 2009 (TCD)


Round 1: THW make jurors pass an IQ test
Round 2:
Round 3: THW allow people to use any method to defend their own home
Round 4: THW decriminalise virtual child pornography

Semi-Final: THW ban the sale of alternative medicine
Final: A tracking chip has been invented that can be inserted into people cheaply, easily and without harm, that cannot be removed or switched off. THW install tracking chips in all citizens.

1st Prop - Liam O'Connell (UCD L&H)
1st Opp - Dearbhla O'Gorman (UCD L&H)
2nd Prop - Kate Oliver (TCD Hist)
2nd Opp - Chris Benedik (TCD Hist)
3rd Prop - Becky West (UCC Philosoph)
3rd Opp - John Beechinor (UCC Philosoph)

Winner Dearbhla O'Gorman
Runner-up John Beechinor

Irish National Maidens 2008 (UL)

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Winner Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin (TCD Hist)

Irish National Maidens 2007 (UCC)

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